Expecting a birth? Think about our GIFT CARDSExpecting a birth? Think about our GIFT CARDS

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«The most beautiful organic cottons, labeled for a perfect innocuousness. Materials that stand the test of time. Promises and a pledge of quality.»


“Quality, a story of trust…
For us, quality is a question of ethics.
The traceability of our products from the pencil stroke on the paper, from the weave of our cottons to the weaving of our muslin, everything is controlled.
The origin, the manufacturing, the dyeing, nothing is left to chance.
Our guarantees are simple, to follow our products since their birth, and just like for our children, to succeed in bringing them as far as possible, as well as possible.”




Sensitive souls abstain!
Here there is love… for one, for two, for ALL.
Moumout and Autumn are one big family, thanks to you, your sharing and your remarks, your appreciations and your advice.

So take the floor and tell us what you would like, what you hate, what made you smile…
Share with us your experiences and desires!
We have grown thanks to you and I thank you for that.
Let’s continue TOGETHER !

The floor is yours,
it’s this way!


Quality, softness, resistance, practicality and style, with our planet in mind!

We put a point of honor on the quality of our products, their traceability and their treatment.

For the comfort of sensitive skins, we manufacture homewear 100% cotton of high quality, labeled Oeko-Tex Standard 100 & Organic.

Each skin is different and your baby’s skin may be more sensitive than others.

We are therefore committed to zero chemical treatment.

Hypersensitivity of baby’s skin is a problem we often face. We make it a point of honor to guarantee the perfect safety of our products.

Our products are manufactured in the heart of the European community, in Portugal, in a family-owned factory. (BSCI certified).

We also guarantee social responsibility within our production chains, from the design to the packaging of our products.

Our products are packaged exclusively in cotton bags.

Concerned about ethics and the environment, each product is treated individually, controlled and then packed by hand.