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« Like the end of a summer’s day, living with the sun and letting ourselves be carried away by its softness, its frank shadows that lie at our feet and dance until nightfall.
The air lets out a warm breeze that tastes of the ocean.
The skins pull under the still-deposited salt.
Nothing is silent, everything is listened to, looked at and touched. Before the half-light, there’s life, life in the sun, here or in Capri. »

« This LIN capsule is an ode to the inexhaustible romanticism of summer, to skirts that fly, to light blouses that wrinkle and that we love to wear open or closed, to pants that protect us from the scorching rays of the August sun.
This capsule is to ensure that summer never ends, that it leaves its mark on our memories with much more than a place, a smell or a joy, this capsule is a souvenir of that subtle and delightful period that is summer. »
from 2 to 10 years
Available in 4 colors
With slate tones, a muted blue-black
that delicately absorbs the light.
Meticulous finish,
European flax-certified linen and wood buttons.