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Our commitments

Our commitments

Because the small streams make the big rivers, this year, Moumout’ is committed to zero plastic.
A commitment we have been working on for several months.
A tedious implementation, binding, expensive.
But some things are priceless …
Give them values for tomorrow. Teach them to respect our Earth,
The one who chose us, for us to transmit to them.
It is a first step, on our small scale, which I hope will lead us to trace a road that others will follow.

Our zero plastic commitment

Our responsibility

Responsibility in terms of plastic pollution, a subject that’s matter to us!

It’s been over 4 years now that we launched Moumout’.
Products that we wanted sustainable in terms of quality but also responsible in terms of ethics.
Essentially European manufacturing, controlled from raw material to packaging,
A short production line, family, human working conditions, respecting the man and the nature.
In 4 years, despite our evolution, we have not ceased to preserve at best the strict conditions that make us what we are.
The development of products exclusively in 100% cotton, labeled Oeko-tex standard 100, or organic.

The frequent use of chemicals in the textile industry to turn the raw material into fabric is a scourge.
We have always worked to preserve the traceability of our raw materials and are uncompromising about the quality of our fabrics.

Despite our rigor, at a time when the world is turning to the overconsumption of plastic of all kinds, we made a scary statement:
“Our spending on unsustainable plastic is far too important.”

The individual plastic bag that previously packed our products, to prevent their degradation during transport, facilitate storage at our dealers and ensure that they are new, has an extremely short life and is extremely polluting.

Our project

By July 2019, all our products will be individually wrapped in a cotton canvas pouch on which will be sewn a small brand label fabric (No large plastic flocking).
Each of these pouches will have a cardboard label with its reference and will be stored and delivered like that (it will make you reusable pouches!).
We made that decision it 6 months ago and since we have experienced a lot of dissatisfaction from some customers who are formatted to a blind consumption and based on the practicality of plastic packaging.
We will never let go.

It’s by starting to show the example that perhaps, some big companies of the textile industry will follow us.

We are not trying a revolution, we just want to be more responsible for what we are consuming.

Our prices will not be affected by this change, it is a guarantee.
We will also ensure that any piece of plastic, which we now find on the most beautiful beaches in the world, is removed from our production lines.
That’s a cost, yes, but if we do not work together … we are going to our inexorable decline.

Our buttons are made of wood, our zips are made of metal, our handles are made of leather and we use cotton yarn.

The implementation

Our new collection spring summer 2019 will be delivered under fabric pouches, however we will still have to sell the remaining parts of our old collections.
It may haapens that you still receive some plastic items if you order sales.

We built this project for us, but also for our children, because they will be responsible tomorrow and defend the values we have taught them.
We try to re-educate our consumption so that it becomes more sustainable and especially less selfish.

Let’s consume better.